Detroit Palestine Solidarity Activists Block the Entrance to the Offices of Senator Debbie Stabenow

By Fighting Words Staff

Hundreds of Palestine solidarity activists held a demonstration on Thursday morning November 9, 2023 outside the building which houses the offices of Senator Debbie Stabenow located in the financial district downtown.

Stabenow has supported the pro-Israeli position of the White House which has sent large arms shipments to the IDF to be used in the genocide against Palestinians in Gaza.

More than ten thousand people have been killed over the last month while the U.S. Senate and the majority of the House of Representatives have refused to call for a ceasefire and a halt in the funding to the war machine in Tel Aviv.

As the war continues and spreads throughout the region, tax dollars will be utilized to perpetuate mass death and destruction.

This demonstration is part of a nationwide and international campaign to provide assistance to alleviate the plight of the Palestinians as 2.3 million are being attacked and displaced.


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