Stop Nazis in Wisconsin

Stop the hate - build people’s unity

By People’s Unity Coalition

The Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement and allies are mobilizing numerous individuals and organizations across Wisconsin to respond to a growing threat by Nazis and other fascists across that state in recent months. A rally will begin Saturday, February 10, 2024 at 1 P.M. (Central Time) at Library Mall at the University of Wisconsin, Madison (728 State Street). This event will also be in solidarity with Palestine which is fighting genocidal apartheid by the U.S. and Israel.

Feb. 10 outreach efforts have included the mailing of English and Spanish leaflets to a diverse rainbow of labor and community organizations in numerous cities statewide, phone banking, emailing, social media outreach, leaflet squads out in many locations to post and distribute, announcing the action at events and more. Other preparations include Art Builds and campus outreach.

Endorsers include the Wisconsin Coalition for Justice in Palestine, the Madison Abortion & Reproductive Rights Coalition for Healthcare (MARRCH) and We Rise Fighting! Labor Podcast. Many union and community organizations are mobilizing their members and will be on site Feb. 10 with their contingents, banners and signs.

On the Facebook event for the Feb. 10 action, the People’s Unity Coalition describes its call for action.

Our public institutions, public spaces and every section of the working class are increasingly under severe attack from a well-funded and nationally organized network both legal and extra-legal. This includes fascists such as the Nazi “Blood Tribe” members menacing a Pride event in Watertown July 29, 2023 with openly armed members calling for the lynching of LGBTQ people. The same “Blood Tribe” marched in Madison in November, 2023 and on January 21, 2024 projected a swastika onto a dorm building at UW Whitewater. In addition to this, synagogues and other Arab and Muslim buildings are being defaced with bigoted messages and white supremacist leaflets have been placed in mailboxes and on properties in Madison and other cities. This extra- legal violence is in addition to right-wing politicians and their rich bosses waging violent racist union busting austerity from the state legislature and other capitalist entities.

The Unity Coalition event description declares: “We will not be silent – we are fighting back!

“Join us (and bring your friends, family, neighbors, fellow students and co-workers) on February 10 to resist the hate and participate in this unity action to continue building a stronger, more engaged people’s movement in Madison and beyond.”

See list of endorsers (in formation) and for more information:

@Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement



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