Solidarity Picket at Detroit/Hamtramck Poletown Joins Striking UAW Workers

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By FW Detroit Staff

Almost 50,000 UAW workers are on strike against General Motors demanding better pay, improved working conditions and enhanced benefits.

Members of Moratorium NOW! Coalition, some of whom previously worked in the auto industry, walked the picket line in solidarity with the UAW on Wed. Sept. 18, 2019 outside the Poletown plant in Detroit.

These photographs illustrate both workers in action along with labor and community solidarity. The corporation reported $11 Billion in profits last year.

Moreover, GM has paid no taxes in several years despite the firm being bailed out by taxpayers a decade ago. Poletown is one of the five plants which were slated for closure during the winter by GM. Poletown was built after 1981 when an entire community was razed while being forced to relocate by the administrations of both Detroit and Hamtramck.

After granting numerous concessions during the bankruptcy of 2009 and in the subsequent period, workers have still not regained the losses taken during the Great Recession.

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