Detroit Rally Demonstrates Against Unfair Amazon Deal

Detroit Fighting Words Staff

By Detroit Fighting Words Staff

A corporate-controlled 5-4 majority on the Detroit City Council approved an egregious deal which will turn over land to Amazon corporation for the building of a distribution center in Detroit.

A demonstration was held against the deal outside the largely abandoned State Fairgrounds located in the Woodward Avenue and Eight Mile area in Detroit on Fri. Oct. 16, 2020.

The action was in opposition to a corporate-controlled city administration scheme to utilize the vast amount of  land at the location to construct an Amazon facility which may not benefit the neighborhood at all.

This act was done in contravention of the wishes of the people living in the community.

The State Fairgrounds Development Coalition called the demonstration saying in a leaflet that: “Detroit City Council will soon vote on a deal with investors that is being rushed through by the Duggan administration.”

Despite their opposition, the questionable scheme passed by the narrowest of margins.

The Coalition demanded that the City Council should not have approved any agreement without 51% of the jobs being set aside for people in Detroit; a prohibition against diesel pollution; that the facility be powered by renewable energy; guaranteeing the rights of workers to unionize; and adequate opportunities for women and people of color; among other issues.

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