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Stop The Hate Rally in Manitowoc, WI August 10, 2021
Stop The Hate Rally in Manitowoc, WI August 10, 2021. | Photo: Gary J. Klein

By Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement

September 16, 2021: Stop The Hate! Rally – Green Bay


They came for our unions, our educators, our public sector union jobs and our unemployment compensation, But that wasn’t enough for them!

Now they are coming after our school committees, our boards of education and our libraries and even our librarians with a campaign against teaching “critical race theory” (teaching historical truths). Who are these banking & corporate powers?

  • ALEC – American Legislative Council
  • WILL – Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty
  • The Lynde and Harry BRADLEY Foundation
  • State Policy Network
  • American Experiment

Why are they so interested in public education in Wisconsin?

These so-called “non-profits” have billions and billions of dollars to fund their anti-worker, racist and bigoted campaigns to undermine public education in Wisconsin and literally every state in the union.

  • They run campaigns in our communities that they call “raise our standards” and “no better friend” that sound innocent and well meaning, like they are just good citizens that want to help everyone. But:
  • Their leaders all have big six figure salaries that come from secret private funders;
  • They delight in breaking unions and have very deep pockets to do so;
  • They want to cut back programs people need and call it “deregulation,” “reforms” and “flexibility;”
  • They call teaching about racism and prejudice “unpatriotic.”

This private colossus of wealth and power won’t be happy until they reduce poor and working people to the sta­tus of paupers and take over our schools and community institutions and completely destroy our unions.

We need to build a mass people’s united front in every city, town and village in Wisconsin.

Defend Public Education and our Educators and Unions! Fight for historical truth to be taught in public education!

Union jobs, housing, public education, healthcare and other people’s needs, not racist hate!

Join us Thursday, September 16 at 5pm in Green Bay to say NO to hate and YES to hope and People’s Unity, 1951 Bond St, Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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