Madison, Feb. 10, 2024: ‘Stop the Hate: Build People’s Unity’ Rally and March

Action challenges rising threat of Nazism and other forms of fascism in Wisconsin and demands end of U.S. backed genocide in Palestine

By Fighting Words Staff

Wisconsin labor and community organizations hosted “Stop the Hate: Build People’s Unity” rally on Saturday, Feb. 10, 2024 at 1 P.M. at Library Mall at UW Madison, which was followed by a march down State Street to Capitol Square where a speakout occurred.

The event was sponsored by the People’s Unity Coalition and the Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement,  and endorsed by the Wisconsin Coalition for Justice in Palestine and supported by many other organizations.

The unified presence challenged the rising threat of Nazism and other forms of fascism in Wisconsin and demanded that the U.S. backed genocide in Palestine end immediately.

Right wing hate groups have mobilized Islamophobia and anti-semitic attacks, and targeted marginalized people including Muslims, Jews and members of the LGBTQ community. Nazi “Blood Tribe” members have menaced a Pride event in Watertown in July 2023, marched in Madison November 18 and projected a swastika onto a dorm building January 21, 2024. Right-wing state legislators, who clamored to “stand with Israel” after October 7, 2023 and continue to support the ensuing genocide against the Palestinian people, create a climate of hate that encourages Nazi and other forms of fascist activities.

As scholar and organizer Harsha Walia writes, “Ethnonationalist states such as Israel, founded on violent dispossession and separation, serve as models for white power organizations.”

The marchers demanded that money be invested in their communities, not on genocides and endless U.S. wars.


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