Detroit May Day 2024 Focused on the Struggle for Palestinian Liberation


By Fighting Words Staff

Clark Park on the southwest side of Detroit was the scene of the annual May Day commemorations.

There was a beginning rally, a march through the immediate neighborhood, and then a return to the park where a concluding rally took place. Many of the speakers in their remarks expressed solidarity with the people of Palestine.

May Day this year was held amid mounting demonstrations demanding the divestment of financial and military ties of higher education institutions from the Israeli regime.

From New York to California, thousands have established encampments, taken over buildings and built monumental public support for the movement against genocide in Gaza and the total liberation and unification of the Palestinian homeland.

The rally at Clark Park featured a number of speakers including Yvonne Jones, Moratorium NOW! Coalition; poets, musicians and spoken artists One Single Rose, Daii, Yasmin Freecheh, and Kave; Monica Isaacs of the Yemeni Liberation Movement; Nura of the Palestinian Youth Movement; Mike Shane of Moratorium NOW! Coalition; Gail of the Detroit Tenants Association; Russ Bellant, Detroiters for Tax Justice; Frankie, Michigan Labor Solidarity; Daryl Jordan, community activist; Jackson Roback, FRSO; Lloyd Simpson, DWB; Paula, General Defense Committee; Christian Bozeman, Detroit Club of the CPUSA. Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire served as facilitator.

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