Protests Demand No War on Russia and Donbass

Antiwar activists in NYC and Detroit Rally Against U.S./NATO

By Fighting Words Editorial Staff


New York City

Anti-war activists rallied at Columbus Circle in New York on February 5, demanding No War on Russia and Donbass and U.S. and NATO Out of Ukraine. This was part of a national week of actions, February 4 -12, to Tell Biden and Congress:

  • No war with Russia and Donbass!
  • Stop military aid to Ukraine – withdraw all U.S./NATO advisors, trainers and mercenaries.
  • Sign Russia’s draft statement on European security – end NATO’s eastward expansion.
  • No new deployment of U.S. troops – bring all the troops home!
  • Disband NATO.
Rally at Columbus Circle in New York, NY
Rally at Columbus Circle in New York, NY. | Photo: Greg Butterfield

The action was called by Solidarity with Novorossiya & Antifascists in Ukraine, Women Against Military Madness (WAMM), Alan Dale, Minnesota Peace Action Coalition, Moratorium Now Coalition (Detroit), Communist Workers League, Socialist Unity Party / Struggle-La Lucha newspaper, Youth Against War & Racism, Harriet Tubman Center for Social Justice (Los Angeles), Peoples Power Assembly (Baltimore), Workers Voice Socialist Movement (New Orleans), and Women in Struggle / Mujeres en Lucha.

The group then marched, holding signs and chanting, to Times Square to join another larger anti-war rally with Code Pink, Veterans for Peace, ANSWER Coalition, UNAC, and the International Action Center.



Activists from Moratorium NOW! Coalition, Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice (MECAWI), Michigan Peace Council, Poor People’s Campaign of Michigan and other antiwar and peace activists gathered outside Hart Plaza in downtown Detroit to protest the Pentagon military build-up in Eastern Europe.

The action held on Friday afternoon Feb. 11, 2022 was in response to calls for action around the United States to demand that the Biden administration halt the daily provocations against Moscow threatening a military attack which can only prove disastrous.

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